So, you’re thinking about selling your home. The first thought is excitement and the financial reward of cashing in on that equity, then the daunting to do list sets in. Packing, cleaning, landscaping and that’s just the first thought before you decide to go down the rabbit hole of 27,000 agents in Seattle to list your home. 

Congratulations, your search ends here! With the Aligned Group, we are your one stop shop for a full service white glove experience to prepare, list, market and close the sale on your home. Our primary goal is to ensure that we maximize your largest investment. 

Our process begins with a tour of your home to determine the current condition and value in today’s market. We will discuss your real estate goals and determine the ideal timeline to list your home. Whether it be 2 weeks or 10 months down the road, it’s never too soon to discuss the process with us! 

Our skilled team of top agents will dive deep into the localized market data and comparable homes. We will also look at current competition to put together a marketing plan specific to your goals. This typically includes full staging services, professional cleaning, photography, videography and marketing campaigns to ensure that your beautiful home is seen by as many people as possible. 

Ultimately, our process is tested and proven to be successful, not only in the sellers market of today, but through the ebbs and flows of all market conditions. You can trust that when you hire the Aligned Group, it is as simple as handing over the keys and telling us when to go! 

Let’s connect and get the process started!

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